About Us

Our Mission

Established in 2016, List Perfectly is a versatile e-commerce solution for sellers to efficiently list and crosspost products on multiple major marketplaces and channels like Poshmark, Mercari, Instagram, Shopify, eBay and more. List Perfectly was created by founders Amanda Morse and Clara Albornoz for sellers like them, who make a living from online sales, as a solution to the frustrating and laborious process of listing on multiple channels.

List Perfectly has a mission to help sellers work smarter and not harder, cutting listing time by an average of 80%. It is the only solution that allows sellers to cross post unlimited products at no additional charge and offers the most diverse tools including delisting and relisting, inventory management, templates for faster listing and more. Its member base has grown by over 600% and sellers have cross posted over 15 million products using its software in the last year alone. List Perfectly’s unlimited crossposting saves thousands of sellers an average of 80 hours per month, enabling them to reach new customers and make more sales, while also fulfilling the company’s sustainability driven vision to promote shopping resale, not retail. The average American throws away 82 lbs. of clothing each year, but by reselling it they are able to keep it out of landfills and reduce each item’s CO2 impact by 79% with each sale.

Amanda Morse

CEO & Founder

List Perfectly Founder and CEO Amanda Morse has always seen challenges as opportunities. So when it came to creating List Perfectly, Amanda did what she does best – she jumped in with both feet. Amanda’s career began by serving as a US Marine Reservist to help finance her education at the University of Michigan. True to her entrepreneurial spirit, at this same time Amanda was working 3 other jobs and leading as President of her student housing co-op. After college she dove into the corporate world and found herself longing for more. Determined to be her own boss she started a business that ultimately turned into reselling full time. When Amanda and Clara met and bonded over their shared passion for reselling they quickly became a dynamic duo, sourcing the best inventory far and wide for their website and marketplace profiles. When Clara’s arthritis threatened their ability to list products, Amanda taught herself to code and created the solution we now call List Perfectly. Today, List Perfectly is growing faster than ever with 20M products listed, and thousands of sellers pointing to List Perfectly as their key to success.

Clara Albornoz

COO & Founder

Clara has always had a passion for selling for as long as she can remember. Born and raised in Argentina, Clara’s first “flip” was selling candy for a small profit in elementary and middle school. Clara’s passion was put on hold as she earned her law degree and became a practicing lawyer, but the constant economical instability in Argentina encouraged Clara to explore the world. During her time in the USA, Clara was forced to sell her most prized possessions – vintage clothing and jewelry inherited from her recently deceased mom. It broke her heart but awakened her passion for selling once again. When Amanda and Clara met and bonded over their shared love for selling, they quickly became a dynamic duo – sourcing the best inventory far and wide for their website and marketplace profiles. When Clara’s arthritis threatened her ability to bear the tedious listing process, Amanda and Clara knew they had to make a faster and easier way to crosspost… and just like that List Perfectly was born. Today, List Perfectly is growing faster than ever with 10M products listed in under 1 year, saving thousands of members time and money.

Alex Shadrow

CMO & Partner

In the words of Christine Hunsicker who sold her first company to Yahoo for $850 million, “Alex will eat through a wall.” As a third-generation sustainability entrepreneur, it is in Alex’s DNA to solve the fashion waste crisis. While in college at Boston University, Alex started her first company, UNItiques to be a fun way for womxn on campus to share closets. After graduating Cum Laude, winning BU’s Best New Venture, and being a finalist in Mass Challenge, Alex made it her mission to spread “relovving” fashion beyond the campus and launched her second company, Relovv, in the prestigious Techstars Venture Accelerator. After raising $1M in venture capital and growing it to 100,000 users in one year, Alex exited Relovv. Today, she continues her mission to #ReduceReuseRelovv as the CMO of List Perfectly – an app that helps resellers list products on every marketplace with just one click. Alex has been recognized by the likes of Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, and also appeared on TV shows including Lifetime’s Project Runway Startup. In 2018 she was certified by Former Vice President Al Gore as a Climate Reality Leader.